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Time travel to the Chola period

As a little boy, historian and writer Pradeep Chakravarthy recalls spending every summer holiday at his grandmother’s place in Tirunelveli. With no comics or cartoons for entertainment, young Pradeep would be packed off in a car, with a box of noodles, to visit temples every Sunday. Even as he bowed before deities and soaked in the rituals, a part of him was always curious to know the story behind these structures. Over the years, he scanned through volumes of texts and inscriptions, and...

Raja Raja and his Leadership Values

There’s an old proverb that says fools never learn from their mistakes, clever people do and the wise learn from the mistakes of others. Undoubtedly the best place to learn from others’ mistakes is history, provided we are also able to grasp it in our context. Sadly, our history lessons are often just reams of irrelevant lists of dates that have little bearing on the issues and challenges we face daily. A thousand years ago, the Chola king Raja Raja I built the Brihadeeswara Temple...

Krishnadeva Raya: Leadership Lessons

Any historian who compiles a list of India’s 10 greatest kings can’t omit Krishnadeva Raya (ruled from 1509 to 1529), who brought great glory to the Vijayanagar empire with its capital in Hampi, Karnataka. We commemorated the 500th anniversary of his coronation by allowing one of his architectural creations, a gopuram at Kalahasti, to come crashing down near his statue. Hopefully, our leaders will learn from his life and ensure that even if we don’t protect his buildings, we...

‘Develop skills to emerge as successful leaders'

Management students have been asked to look for leadership qualities within their neighbourhood and develop their skills to emerge as successful leaders. Delivering a lecture on ‘Leadership Lessons from History' at the EBET Group of Institutions in Nathakkadaiyur on Thursday, Lead Principal of Infosys Leadership Institute Pradeep Chakravarthy said that it was not always necessary for the students to look at the leaders in big industries for inspiration. “You can even find...

Ramanuja’s leadership skills

For Vaishnavaites in Tamil Nadu, Ramanuja is more than a philosopher or a theologian. He is someone who recharged the faith not only intellectually but also emotionally. It cannot be denied that if it weren’t for him, Vaishnavism in Tamil Nadu may today be on the fringes. In the 4,000 Divya Prabhandam, the sacred text for Tamil speaking Vaishnavaites, although not an Azhwar, 108 verses on Ramanuja by his disciple bring the book to a count of 4,000. In addition to revitalising the...


Eroticism in Temples of Tamilnadu

Eroticism in Temples of Tamilnadu
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