Sanctuaries of times past

Long before management gurus spoke volumes about the need for leaders of organisations to do their bit for social development as an obligation to “give back”, kings in various parts of the country did their mite to contribute to charity thanks to an Indian tradition of revering hospitality as a virtue. Different kings have different track records. Among the better ones are the Maratha kings who ruled Thanjavur from 1676 to 1855. They established chathrams or rest houses in different...

Beauty in black stripes

A s a child, I frequently asked my mother to get me a tiger for a pet. I soon learnt that her “ok, soon”, meant “never”. I settled for hoping that I could at least pet one and now that hope too has vanished. I pander to my respect and admiration for this majestic animal by watching wildlife shows on TV! It is difficult not to respect the tiger; its grace, majesty and consummate elegance always leave a lasting impression! No wonder that it is the national animal of not...

Storehouse of information

T hanjavur has been the cradle of arts for several Centuries. Be it painting, music, dance, drama, crafts or cuisine, Thanjavur has made a mark. ‘Thanjavur - A Cultural History,' a book authored by Pradeep Chakravarthy with photos by Vikram Sathyanathan, deals with the cultural contributions of Thanjavur from the Chola period to the present. The book in 220 pages with 174 photographs (many of them archival and never before printed) and five maps traces not only the cultural history but...


Eroticism in Temples of Tamilnadu

Eroticism in Temples of Tamilnadu
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