Old world charm

P ublished in 1908, ‘Aristocracy of Southern India,' by A. Vadivelu made for fascinating reading and I was overjoyed when a friend promised to take me to one of the Zamindars written about in the book. Ilayarasanendhal is a small village today between Kovilpatti and Madurai. One would find it difficult to locate it in the map but the efforts will be well rewarded. We snaked through the many small lanes and humble homes to some imposing walls and an entrance to the side. The entry got us...

Grand old man of THAMIZH

It is important that February 19 is remembered for on this day in 1855 was born a man who did so much for Tamil as a language. But he never got his due. Not even a university named after the person, whose crusade was to restore lost literary treasure. Most speakers of Tamil will know U.Ve. Swaminatha Iyer as ‘Thamizh Thatha.’ Some may have heard of his untiring efforts to bring the Sangam period literature back into circulation and accessible to the larger population and thereby...

About life in towns and villages

(This column attempts at unravelling fascinating facts on the art and architecture of India and this week’s article throws light on the village life.) With the teaching of history being grudgingly tolerated, it is a pipe dream for us to expect local history to be taught in schools. Yet, thanks to inscriptions, the medieval life of several towns and villages can be reconstructed to a large degree. With the use of literature references, it becomes even more colourful and absorbing. Some...


Eroticism in Temples of Tamilnadu

Eroticism in Temples of Tamilnadu
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