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T hanjavur has been the cradle of arts for several Centuries. Be it painting, music, dance, drama, crafts or cuisine, Thanjavur has made a mark.

‘Thanjavur - A Cultural History,' a book authored by Pradeep Chakravarthy with photos by Vikram Sathyanathan, deals with the cultural contributions of Thanjavur from the Chola period to the present.

The book in 220 pages with 174 photographs (many of them archival and never before printed) and five maps traces not only the cultural history but looks at the treasures of the Sarasvati Mahal, world's one of the most unique libraries that has books ranging from philosophy, architecture and literature to medicine, floriculture, magic and water divining.

The book is also a detailed analysis of the origin of several streets in Thanjavur, its photographers, coins of its rulers and contains recipes from the 18th century.

Published by Niyogi Books ( the book was recently launched in Chennai.

Copies can be purchased (Rs.1250/-) from major bookstores and online book dealers.

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