‘Develop skills to emerge as successful leaders'

Management students have been asked to look for leadership qualities within their neighbourhood and develop their skills to emerge as successful leaders.

Delivering a lecture on ‘Leadership Lessons from History' at the EBET Group of Institutions in Nathakkadaiyur on Thursday, Lead Principal of Infosys Leadership Institute Pradeep Chakravarthy said that it was not always necessary for the students to look at the leaders in big industries for inspiration. “You can even find leadership qualities among farmers, small shop owners, traders and merchants in your area. Just carefully look around. Even your family members can be leadership examples,” he told the students.

A successful leader, he said, should always be willing to learn new things. He/she should keep their mind open to learn the changes taking place in the world. “You should not be scared of the new changes,” he said. Good leaders should also be able to learn and unlearn things quickly. Besides, they should develop the ability to put their new knowledge into practice, he added.


Mr. Pradeep Chakravarthy also called upon the educational institutions to provide more opportunities for the students to interact with persons from the industries. The exposure to the real world would help students emerge successful in their career.

The lecture was organised as a part of the Academic Connect programme of Faculty of Management.

Dean of Faculty of Management AGV Narayanan and students from various institutions attended the programme.


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