Our Experts

Pradeep Chakravarthy, Historian

Pradeep ChakravarthyHailing from Tirunelveli and moving on to international exposure through KFI, MCC, JNU(Delhi) and LSE (London) in his academic years, Pradeep Chakravarthy has always had a passion for the history and Heritage of Tamilnadu with special focus on the role that it plays in society then and now. Having a background in HR/leadership development and coaching though his assignments in TVS, Cognizant, Infosys and McKinsey, he constantly explores methods of constructively employing out of the box techniques of exposure to fine elements practiced in ancient times to motivate and hone ones inherent skills. He pioneered temple walks in Madras. His deeply invested interest in the music, food, literature of Tamilnadu allows him to present succinctly and simply even the dreariest topic in history. He has authored several books and has over 300 articles in The Hindu, Marg magazine, India Express, Times of India etc., to his credit. He has lectured in several prestigious venues like IIC(Delhi), IC (London) and is an awardee from the Tag Foundation.

The follwing are the books written by Pradeep. Please click on the image for further details and purchase.

C.P.Satyajit, Photographer

c.p.satyajitMagic of colours, rhythms and visual splendour - That could probably be the description of C.P.Satyajit's growing up years. Considering that he comes from an illustrious family of dancers – V P Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan and constantly surrounded by music and dance, this may not be a surprise. Satyajit got behind the lenses at a very young age as visual cues were starting to become an integral part of his life. Though a career in dance was given on a silver platter - famous parents, his own talent and an institution ready to take over - the passion for photography soon became the driving force behind this young man’s life.With a Bachelor’s in Viscom, he was soon on his way to focus on photography, under the famous Iqbal, Founder, Light and Life Academy at Ooty. His singular goal of bringing credibility to photography, hard work and his passion honed his talent and paved way for success - becoming the first Automobile Specialist in the country. Today his clients include - Honda, Hyundai, TVS, Ashok Leyland, Royal Enfield, Hero Motorcycles and Bajaj Automotive to name a few. He has the distinction of being the first Indian photographer to design and shoot with a motion rig for automobiles.He also has the rare honour of being an ‘aviation photographer’ on an international research project, Air Safety, where the entire shoot was done on a runway

What distinguishes Satyajit is the way he handles photography which reflects the inveterate seeker in him. To him every assignment is filled with the opportunity of deep learning and spiritual upliftment.

Madhusudhanan Kalaichelvan, Historian and Architect

Madhusudhanan KalaichelvanProf.Madhusudhanan Kalaichelvan, a University topper and a Gold Medalist, is an Architect by profession running Arangham Studios. Currently an Associate Professor pursuing his Doctoral Research on Temple Town Planning in Medieval South India, he specializes in subjects such as Conservation, Planning, Traditional Temple Architecture, Architectural and Cultural History of India, Urban Studies, Research Techniques etc. which have also helped in conserving many ancient temple structures in Tamilnadu. A well-read historian and trained epigraphist, Prof.Madhu talks and writes on various subjects related to religion, social history, cultural studies, traditions and temple practices. These interests have made him a popular speakers on Divya Prabandham texts, Sangam Literature, Social History, Carnatic Music, Temple Traditions and rituals, cross cultural influences etc.