Work With Us

Mystical Palmyra's intention is to promote responsible tourism to lesser known jewels that this country has to offer and also revive forgotten arts and crafts

As part of our society, we invite you to help us in the any area that you feel fits this description of what we do. For e.g.:

Heritage Property :

If you have or know of anyone who has a heritage property that they wish to showcase and have it developed, we will be more than glad to see how we can do the same through our connections. We are on the constant look out for traditional heritage properties for staying, hosting a meal or just to showcase the architecture etc. This may ensure the existence of the property as well.

Heritage site :

If there is an heritage site- temples, mosques, church, chatram, mandapam, fort, house, granary, caves, anything- that you feel is unique and special but does not seem to get the attention it deserves, please let us know so that we can come and inspect and hopefully add to our tours.

Heirloom treasures :

Jewellery, furniture, arts etc that you may posses and feel that it has traditional significance which is somewhat lost or has a historical value to it. We would be honoured to showcase it if it fits into the theme of the tour

Family recipes :

If there is a unique or forgotten family recipe that screams ancestral and traditional, then we sure do want to know hoe we can include it in our menu for our guest. A cookery show would also be great. We have helped revive many such recipes for communities where their own members have forgotten not just the recipe but the complete dish.

Arts, crafts and dance :

Any form of arts, crafts and dance which can be showcased in order to revive the existence and keep it alive and kindle a liking towards keeping it alive, it would be our pleasure to try and do so.

Work shops :

If you feel a work shop for the community and the children of any area would help you to preserve the marvels around you and respect it, please write to us and we would be more than happy to schedule the same. We strongly feel that educating the locals to respect whats around and to see the potential is critical in preserving any monument.